The Health Benefits Of Organic Curry Leaf Powder – Murraya Koenigii (Limri)

Kadi patta or curry leaves  (a.k.a. limri) is a staple in Indian dishes. Its scientific name is Murraya koenigii

Commonly used as seasoning, this leaf adds a special flavour to every dish. But there is more to the humble curry leaf than simply flavour. Packed with carbohydrates, fiber, calcium, phosphorous, irons and vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E, curry leaves help your heart function better, fights infections and can enliven your hair and skin with vitality.

For a better absorption and concentrated effect it is recommended to use the curry leaf powder. It will enhance the taste of every dish while boosting its nutritional value.

 Here are few health benefits of curry leaf powder supplementation:

1. It helps to keep anaemia at bay
Curry leaves are a rich source of iron and folic acid. Folic acid is mainly responsible for carrying and helping the body absorb iron, and since kadi patta is a rich source of both the compounds it is your one-stop natural remedy to beat anaemia.

For a better absorption and concentrated effect it is recommended to use the curry leaf powder. It will enhance the taste of every dish while boosting its nutritional value.

2. It fights diabetes
Not only do curry leaves  help lower  blood sugar levels, but they  also keep  it  in check for a few days after consumption. Curry leaves reduce your blood sugar levels by affecting the insulin activity of the body . Also the type and amount of fibre contained in the leaves play a significant role in keeping blood sugar levels low. So, if you suffer from diabetes, curry leaf powder supplementation is the best natural method to keep your blood sugar levels in check.

3.  It Improves digestion
Curry leaves are known to help improve digestion and alter the way your body absorbs fat, thereby helping you lose weight. Since weight gain is one of the leading causes of degenerative diseases , kadi patta treats the problem right at the root.

4. It Lowers cholesterol

Scientific research shows that curry leaves have properties that can help in lowering cholesterol levels. Packed with antioxidants, curry leaves prevent the oxidation of cholesterol that forms LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol). This in turn helps in increasing the amount of good cholesterol (HDL) and protects your body from conditions like heart disease and atherosclerosis.

5. It prevents greying of hair
Curry leaf powder supplementation , used regularly  has always been known to help in preventing greying of the hair. It is also very effective in treating damaged hair, adding bounce to limp hair, strengthening the hair shaft. It prevents hair fall and treats dandruff. The powder can be applied topically directly to the scalp in a coconut or avocado oil suspension, left overnight or for some hours, then rinsed. It is also effective when incorporated into your daily meals.

Our Organic Curry Leaf Powder is made from selected mature curry leaves, dried and ground to a fine powder. It can be consumed as a herb to enhance taste and aroma or casseroles, stews, sauces, rice or soups.  It can also make a refreshing, aromatic tea, sweetened with Stevia or honey.

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