All About Nature's Inheritance

PARAMOUNT HEALTH HOLDING (K) LTD. is a company involved in the agro-business sector, with offices in Nairobi and active in the East African region. We produce many of the natural health supplements, fresh fruit and mushrooms, medicinal and aromatic herbs that we offer on our own fields following  strict  organic methods.
We process, re-package, market and distribute exclusively organic products. Our herbal remedies  are prepared following formulae of scientifically proven efficacy.

Business scope

  • Local distribution within the East African region.
  • Direct export to international consumers/resellers.
  • Functional food research and development.
  • Co-packing.
  • Supply contract processing both the local and international market

Our Mission

Our Company  has an absolute commitment to quality. All our products are 99.99% pure and 100% organic in nature. Our goal is to keep strict compliance  with organic standards under different schemes.

Our mission goes far beyond selling our own products. We operate in conjunction with other organic farmers   whose produce we market  under the fair trade practices., assisting them with know-how when required.   Our goal is to widen the network of small and marginal farmers in an attempt to improve their living standards. In this way we promote sustainable organic farming  and contribute to the local economy.

Our mission as a consequence  consists  firstly  in finding local , regional and international markets for all those organic products we either produce ourselves  or trade on behalf of the cluster of farmers  selling under our umbrella.

In a rapidly changing world and taking into account  the fast  advances of science  the development of an increasing range of products is necessary to respond  to market demand. Our purpose is to create and put on the market more and more reliable , safe effective supplements and herbal remedies for a complete customer satisfaction,  following updated guidelines and procedures. We are therefore involved in constant scientific research  with excellence as the ultimate goal.

We consider that it is only through excellent quality that East African products can be positioned in the international market.