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  • October 22, 2021
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Its Amazing Medicinal and Nutritional Properties

Consuming honey often has a soothing effect and this sweet treat also has several notable health benefits. Its medicinal properties include being used as an antiseptic and antibacterial agent, as well as acting as a natural cough remedy. At the same time, this celebrated ingredient is applied for chronic wound management and as a therapy for certain infections.

Pure raw honey is one of nature’s purest foods. It is the unpasteurized “functional food” made by bees from flowers’ nectar, a natural food with an array of health benefits.

Raw honey is far more than just a natural sweetener. Its nutritional properties are impressive: it contains 22 amino acids, 27 minerals and 5,000 enzymes. Minerals include iron, zinc, potassium, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and selenium. Vitamins found in honey include vitamin B6, thiamin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid and niacin.

In addition, the nutraceuticals contained in raw honey help neutralize damaging free radical activity. contains disease-preventing and disease-fighting flavonoids, antioxidants which help reduce the risk of some cancers and heart disease. It can help with everything from low energy to sleep problems to seasonal allergies.

The following are some of the benefits derived from regular consumption of raw honey:

  • It helps with weight management: Some studies have found that replacing sugar with honey can lower blood sugar, lowering serum triglycerides and preventing weight gain. Raw honey seems to activate hormones that suppress appetite.
  • It is a natural energy source. Raw honey provides an easily absorbed supply of energy in the form of glycogen making it ideal as a pre- and post-exercise energy source. It is proved to Increase athletic performance. Raw honey contains natural sugars (80%), water (18%), and minerals, vitamins, pollen, and protein (2%). It’s not surprising that honey has been called “the perfect running fuel.” It provides an easily absorbed supply of energy in the form of liver glycogen, making it ideal for energetic morning starts and as a pre- and post-exercise energy source.
  • It is a natural cough syrup. Studies have shown that a single dose of raw  honey can reduce mucus secretion and coughs, making it an ideal natural treatment for coughs and throat irritation. Raw honey has been shown to be as effective in treating coughs as over-the-counter commercial cough syrups. Increasing scientific evidence shows that a single dose of honey can reduce mucus secretion and coughs. In one study, raw honey was just a effective as diphenhydramine and dextromethorphan, common ingredients found in over-the counter cough medicines.
  • It has antioxidant properties Raw honey contains polyphenols, which are powerful antioxidants that have been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. . It also boosts the immune system, acting as a preventative against any number of debilitating diseases by raising the levels of health –promoting antioxidants in the body. Studies have shown that honey contains the disease-fighting antioxidant flavonoids pinocembrin, pinostrobin and chrysin. Pinocembrin induces apoptosis (programmed cell death) of many types of cancer cells.

Raw honey has been shown to be as effective in treating coughs as over-the-counter commercial cough syrups. Increasing scientific evidence shows that a single dose of honey can reduce mucus secretion and coughs.

  • It promotes sleep. Consuming honey restocks the liver’s glycogen supply and prevents a lack of fuel to send a signal to the brain that could wake you up. Furthermore raw honey promotes the release of melatonin in the brain. Melatonin, a key hormone to induce sleep, also boosts immunity and helps rebuild tissue during periods of rest.
  • It is antibacterial, and anti-fungal used to heal wounds and ulcers. Honey is a natural antibacterial with wound-healing effects .It reacts with the body’s fluids to make hydrogen peroxide ,a powerful anti-bacterial compound. Honey is likewise applied directly or in a dressing to treat burns and ulcers. It is also used to treat gingivitis and acne. Its anti-bacterial qualities are particularly useful for the skintight is used in beauty treatments and, when combined with other ingredients, can also be moisturizing and nourishing. Honey-infused bandages are known to aid healing. Peter Charles Molan at the University of Waikato, New Zealand, has found in multiple studies that honey is a natural antibacterial with wound-healing effects. He also found that honey reacts with the body’s fluids to make hydrogen peroxide, creating an inhospitable environment for bacteria.
  • It is a diabetes aid, particularly combined with cinnamon. , Honey has been observed to cause a lower elevation of plasma glucose levels in diabetics compared to dextrose and sucrose, Combined with cinnamon it becomes a low glycemic index food combination. Raw honey increases insulin and decreases hyperglycemia. Raw honey does not cause a sugar spike and elevated insulin release like white sugar. Consumption of raw honey can reduce the risk of developing diabetes and aid medication used to treat diabetes. The combination of raw honey and cinnamon can be especially beneficial to healthy blood sugar management, as well as many other health concerns like gingivitis and acne. According to some studies, honey has been observed to cause a lower elevation of plasma glucose levels in diabetics compared to dextrose and sucrose. Some suggest that the insulin-boosting power of cinnamon can counteract this glucose elevation in honey, which would make your honey and cinnamon mixture a low glycemic index food combination.

To keep its properties, raw honey cannot be heated above 95o F ,which is the temperature of the beehive. It cannot therefore be pasteurized. It cannot be fine- filtered either, as bee pollen, enzyme-rich propolis and other beneficial phytonutrients would disappear, its health benefits therefore would be largely eliminated.

  • It Counters Pollen Allergies. Raw honey contains bee pollen, which is known to ward off infections, provide natural allergy relief and boost overall immunity.
  • It reduces ulcers and other gastrointestinal disorders. Some research shows that honey treatment may help disorders such as ulcers and bacterial gastroenteritis. This may be related to its antibacterial properties.
  • Honey for Painful Mouth Blisters and Ulcers – Research suggests that honey can help reduce painful mouth blisters among children with herpes simplex gingivostomatitis. Caused by the herpes virus, herpes simplex gingivostomatitis is an inflammation of the gums and lips, damaging the skin and resulting in mouth ulcers. One of the earliest signs of herpes simplex gingivostomatitis is when your child refuses to eat because chewing has become too painful. While this disease is common among kids, there is a risk of dehydration since the patient often will not drink or eat. Once your child has been found to have these mouth blisters and ulcers, using honey as a mouthwash is highly suggested because it can significantly improve children’s drinking and eating abilities.
  • Honey Treats Radiation-Induced Mucositis – Patients with head and neck cancers may experience mucositis as an adverse effect of radiotherapy. Mucositis is an inflammation of the mucous membranes in the stomach, which causes stomach ulcers. Numerous studies have shown that using honey as an oral treatment can alleviate the adverse effects of radiation-induced mucositis. Research suggests honey can delay the onset of oral mucositis, as well as significantly reduce the severity of the pain associated with the condition.[v] Patients received 20 milliliters (mL) of honey three times a day during the course of radiotherapy to achieve the desired outcomes.

Some research shows that honey treatment may help disorders such as ulcers and bacterial gastroenteritis. This may be related to its antibacterial properties.

  • Honey Fights Stomach Infections – When paired with green or black tea, honey can help treat other types of stomach conditions, such as infections caused by Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori). This bacterial infection often causes gastritis or stomach inflammation, peptic ulcer disease and certain types of stomach cancers. A 2015 study revealed that consuming honey or green or black tea daily can decrease the prevalence of H. pylori infection.[vii]
  • Honey for Infections Associated With Burns – Honey can also be used in treating wounds and burns. Compared to boiled potato peel, honey dressing is more effective in covering fresh partial-thickness burns among patients. In fact, the burns healed 100% within two weeks after being treated with honey, compared to 50% when treated with boiled potato peel. Honey is also effective in treating second-degree burns compared to anti-infective creams. Research suggests that honey dressing can heal burns by 84% within the first week of treatment and 100% after two weeks.[ix]
  • Therapeutic Effects for Bowel Resection – Oral intake of honey has potential therapeutic effects on patients who underwent massive bowel resection. A 2008 study revealed that animal subjects that had small bowel resection showed significant increase in their gross residual bowel length.[x] Researchers believe the results can be replicated among human patients. These studies provide evidence that honey can be a sound natural remedy to be explored by people with inflammations, burns and infections. Unfortunately, most of the honey consumed today is processed honey that’s been heated and filtered since it was harvested from the hive, thus robbing it of its incredible nutritional value and health powers.

Commercial honey is heavily processed, and might even be chemically refined and contain additives. It is often liquefied with hot water ,filtered and submitted to excessive heat. High temperatures destroy enzymes, vitamins and even some of the minerals in honey.

Additionally, non-raw honey or regular commercial honey can be sourced from bees that are treated with antibiotics.

Beware of light, crystal-clear honey. The only way to achieve sparkling clear honey is by heat. Organic raw honey tends to be opaque, as opposed to the golden, syrup-like, clear aspect of commercial honey.

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