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Moringa leaf powder

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Moringa oleifera is the scientific name for the most well-known variety of of moringa trees, of the family Moringaceae.  It is a very -fast-growing, drought resistant, small size leafy tree with approximately 5 to 10 m height ,  native to the sub-Himalayan areas of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan that produces flowers or pods , now found throughout the tropics due to its multiple utilities. There are at least a dozen different varieties of  the moringa tree, but moringa oleifera is by far the most  utilized.

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Memory Boost™

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MEMORY BOOST Tea enhances the central nervous system functions fights mental decline ,improving  memory and overall cognitive functions.

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Organic Stinging Nettle Powder

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ORGANIC STINGING NETTLE POWDER  (TEA – SUPPLEMENT)  – It possesses a  wide array of nutritional and medicinal properties , confirmed by scientific studies. Organic Stinging Nettle  contains many nutrients in the first place. It is known for reducing  inflammation and relieving arthritis and gout. It is effective in treating enlarged prostate symptoms. Taken regularly as tea or as a supplement, it   aids blood sugar control and fights diabetes It further lowers blood pressure and protects your liver from damage caused by toxins. Anti-tumour properties have been recently discovered. A substance found in this plant seems to interfere with cancer cells’ ability to divide rapidly, a requirement for their survival. This antitumoral activity seems effective particularly in prostate and ovarian cancer.

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Organic Black seeds (nigella sativa)

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Known since Antiquity for their medicinal properties, Nigella sativa had a reputation as the cure for everything except death. Science has confirmed its beneficial effects on human health.  Nigella sativa lowers cholesterol , regulates blood sugar, alleviates inflammation and protects the liver. Extremely rich in antioxidants, these seeds kill off bacteria and viruses, prevent stomach ulcers and are likewise known to have cancer0fighting properties.

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Anti-oxidant Plus Immunity Booster

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A medicinal tea with multiple benefits. Drinking the Anti-Oxidant Plus Immunity Booster regularly aids in cholesterol and blood sugar metabolism; fights off damage by free radicals in the brain, as well as macular degeneration; it enhances immunity, memory and cognitive functions. The Anti-Oxidant Plus Immunity Booster contributes to liver and digestive health; it has anti-inflammatory effects and anti-cancer properties. Furthermore , it has bronchial; , antispasmodic and expectorant action , which makes it quite useful in the treatment of chronic as well as acute bronchitis, upper respiratory tract inflammation, and whooping cough.

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The seven-day speedy weight- loss Diet kit

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This complete  kit consist of everything you need to lose up to 10 pounds in a week. The Diet can be followed fo up to 3 weeks in a row, without ever starving and no risk of nutritional deficiency. This plan is based on the Miracle Cabbage and Mushroom Soup Diet, which you can take as many times in the day as you want, and yet you will be losing weight daily.

It comes with recipes, instructions, Day-by-Day Meal Plan for the three weeks, suggested variations, and tips to assist you succeed in your fight against unwanted body fat.

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